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    H E A L T H   I N F O R M A T I O N   D E S I G N  



For nearly three decades now  Livingstone Medical has been studying the impact that health literacy has on

consumer behaviour - and the role that design has on delivering effective health messages

This research  began originally her in the UK in association with  Medical  Science Research and

led directly to the creation of the 'Diseases Explained ' health information series,

written in a layman's language specifically for patients and consumers

  This research continued  in the US,  in partnership with clinical publisher Lexi-Comp Inc.,

and in association with with Case Western University's Department of Family Practice

A reference book 'A Patient's Guide to Diseases and Disorders' based on this same series was first

published in 2003 (Lexi-Comp, Ohio) and the entire series was also approved at this time by

the  AAFPF  ( American Academy of Family Physician's Foundation)

In the UK, this research also formed the basis for Coventry University's new degree

the 'MA in Health Communication Design' the inaugural offering at their new

Health Design & Technology Institute (HDTI) in 2006

In 2013 the series  was certified by the Royal Society for Public Health as part of

the Department of Health's own 'Information Standard'

- and endorsed by the Family Doctor Association

Livingstone Medical also provided design training services to healthcare organisations across

the UK including the NHS,  Patient Support Groups,  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers,

Health Communication Agencies and Medical Publishers