training sessions

reading print v online



We all read and retain information
 in a printed form differently from
 that we read online. 
 Which is the most effective  in delivering health information 

basics of health information design


What are the  rules to
 follow when designing health information for  consumers
and how do  you ensure your
 health messages get through? 

patient compliance facts


Non-compliant patients cost 5 times
 more to treat than compliant ones
 yet levels of adherance have barely
 changed over the past 2 decades. 
What are the root causes? 

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These 2 hour sessions are run on an occasional basis throughout the year, for groups of up to twelve people.
 They are held on-site at your own premises, and dates are usually made available on a regional basis  

Individual attendance is also possible at a third party event - subject to availability.

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