U n i v e r s a l   D r u g   C o m p l i a n c e


     Poor drug adherance is estimated to cost the global health industry $300 billion + every year. 
In the UK this is estimated to cost the NHS alone £1 billion annually 

Despite many interventions, levels of patient compliance have remained almost unchanged for 3 decades.

The problem is that most compliance programs still focus on specific targets and only ever scratch the surface - so they
 never acheive the critical mass needed to tackle the underlying culture of non-compliance across the population.   
 Even the launch of digital media has had very little impact on these figures, and very much like the internet of
 a decade before, still tend to isolate the very groups we all need to target the most.  

  The global financial crisis - and the austerity measures that followed - also mean that solving this perennial 
              problem has now become a  top priority for most healthcare systems across the globe.

  Any solution, therefore, requires a completely new approach - and some lateral thinking.

the solution

The  Universal Drug Compliance Program