Livingstone Medical
have been studying the relationship between consumer behaviour and patient compliance for over three decades 
incorporating the results of this research into their health communication projects.

In 2007 this research formed the basis for Coventry University's MA in Health Communication Design and was later expanded
to include the impact of newly emerging digital media upon health literacy.

Our work has been endorsed in the past by the US American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation 
and Case Western Teaching Hospital's Department of Family Practice.
In the UK it has been certified by the 
Department of Health's Information Standard 
and endorsed  by the
  Health, Design & Technology Institute.

 We work with NHS and Public Health Organisations, Medical Agencies, Patient Support Groups and Medical Charities,
 Pharmaceutical Companies
, Medical Publishers and Health Communication Specialists. 

  Profile - Ian Wood LINKEDIN Profile - Ian Wood

 LIVINGSTONE MEDICAL also publish the consumer health series '
D I S E A S E S   E X P L A I N E D '  
 and created the
U N I V E R S A L   D R U G   C O M P L I A N C E program